10 Favorite Tourist Attractions in Kendal that You Must Visit

10 Favorite Tourist Attractions in Kendal that You Must Visit

Nestled in the heart of Central Java, Kendal is a charming regency known for its rich cultural heritage, stunning natural beauty, and vibrant local attractions.

From ancient temples and historical landmarks to picturesque landscapes and vibrant markets, Kendal offers a diverse array of experiences that promise to captivate visitors of all ages and interests.

Whether you’re a history enthusiast, nature lover, or culinary adventurer, there’s something for everyone to discover in this enchanting destination. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore some of the favorite Tourist Attractions in Kendal that are sure to leave a lasting impression on your heart and soul.

1. Gedong Songo Temple

Gedong Songo Temple is a remarkable complex of Hindu temples nestled on the slopes of Mount Ungaran, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. Dating back to the 8th century, these ancient temples are renowned for their stunning architecture, intricate carvings, and serene ambiance.

Visitors can explore the series of nine temples, each dedicated to a different Hindu deity, and marvel at the beauty and craftsmanship of these sacred structures. A visit to Gedong Songo Temple is not only a journey through history but also an opportunity to experience the tranquility and spirituality of this sacred site.

2. Bandungan Highland

Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Bandungan Highland, a picturesque area known for its cool climate and stunning mountain vistas. Located just a short drive from Kendal, this idyllic destination offers a peaceful retreat from the heat and humidity of the lowlands.

Visitors can enjoy leisurely walks through lush tea plantations, explore scenic hiking trails, and take in panoramic views of the surrounding countryside. With its refreshing mountain air and serene ambiance, Bandungan Highland is the perfect place to relax, rejuvenate, and reconnect with nature.

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3. Weleri Beach

Weleri Beach is a popular coastal destination known for its pristine sands, crystal-clear waters, and vibrant atmosphere. Located on the northern coast of Kendal, this picturesque beach is a favorite spot for swimming, sunbathing, and water sports.

Visitors can relax on the golden sands, take a refreshing dip in the sea, or try their hand at surfing, snorkeling, and jet skiing. With its scenic beauty and laid-back vibe, Weleri Beach is the perfect place to unwind and soak up the sun while enjoying stunning views of the Java Sea.

4. Tlogo Plantation

Tlogo Plantation is a sprawling agricultural estate renowned for its scenic beauty, lush vegetation, and diverse array of crops. Spread across rolling hills and fertile valleys, this picturesque plantation is a haven for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Visitors can explore the expansive grounds, stroll through fragrant orchards, and learn about the cultivation of various crops such as coffee, cocoa, and spices. The plantation also offers guided tours, tastings, and workshops where visitors can gain insight into the traditional farming practices and techniques used in the region.

5. Semarang-Kendal Toll Road

The Semarang-Kendal Toll Road is more than just a transportation routeā€”it’s a scenic journey through some of the most beautiful landscapes in Central Java. As you travel along this modern highway, you’ll be treated to panoramic views of verdant rice fields, towering mountains, and picturesque villages.

Make a stop at one of the rest areas along the way to stretch your legs, enjoy a meal or snack, and take in the stunning views. Whether you’re traveling by car or motorcycle, the Semarang-Kendal Toll Road offers a convenient and scenic route for exploring the natural beauty of Kendal and its surroundings.

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6. Local Markets and Culinary Delights

No visit to Kendal would be complete without exploring its vibrant markets and savoring its delicious culinary delights. Wander through bustling marketplaces such as Pasar Ngaliyan and Pasar Kaliwungu, where you’ll find an array of fresh produce, local handicrafts, and traditional snacks.

Be sure to sample some of Kendal’s signature dishes, such as sate kelinci (rabbit satay), tahu petis (tofu with shrimp paste), and kue lumpur (mud cakes). Whether you’re browsing for souvenirs or indulging in street food, Kendal’s markets are a feast for the senses and a must-visit for any traveler.

7. Plantation Tours

Explore the lush greenery and agricultural richness of Kendal by taking a plantation tour. Aside from the Tlogo Plantation, which is famous for its scenic beauty and diverse crops, there are several other plantations worth visiting.

Consider exploring tea estates, coffee plantations, and spice gardens to learn about the cultivation and processing of these valuable crops. Many plantations offer guided tours where you can witness firsthand the various stages of crop cultivation, from planting to harvesting.

8. Cultural Performances and Festivals

Immerse yourself in Kendal’s vibrant cultural scene by attending traditional performances and festivals. Keep an eye out for events such as wayang kulit (shadow puppetry) performances, gamelan music concerts, and traditional dance performances, which showcase the region’s rich artistic heritage.

Additionally, don’t miss the opportunity to participate in local festivals and celebrations, such as the Kendal Batik Festival or the Kendal Culinary Festival, where you can experience the colorful traditions and culinary delights of the region.

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9. Nature Reserves and Conservation Areas

Discover Kendal’s natural beauty and biodiversity by exploring its nature reserves and conservation areas. From lush rainforests and pristine rivers to scenic waterfalls and tranquil lakes, the region boasts a diverse array of natural attractions.

Consider visiting sites such as Gunung Rowo Nature Reserve, Gunung Muria Nature Reserve, and Embung Kledung Lake, where you can hike, birdwatch, and enjoy outdoor activities amidst stunning natural scenery. These protected areas provide valuable habitats for wildlife and offer visitors a chance to reconnect with nature.

10. Historical Landmarks and Museums

Delve into Kendal’s fascinating history and heritage by visiting its historical landmarks and museums. Explore ancient sites such as Candi Banyunibo, Candi Jago, and Candi Sukuh, which offer insights into the region’s rich cultural and religious heritage.

Additionally, visit museums such as the Kendal Museum and the Batik Museum to learn about the area’s history, art, and culture through fascinating exhibits and artifacts. Whether you’re interested in archaeology, art, or local history, Kendal’s historical landmarks and museums offer a fascinating glimpse into the past.


In conclusion, Kendal offers a wealth of diverse and charming tourist attractions that are sure to attract visitors from near and far. Things to do Salatiga, admire the beautiful views, or enjoy local cuisine, there are always unforgettable experiences to be had in this charming district.

So pack your bags, embark on a journey of discovery, and get ready to create memories that will last a lifetime in the enchanting destination of Kendal, Central Java.

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