Golf Slice Tips – How To Fix Your Slice

Golf Slice Tips - How To Fix Your Slice

The golf slice tips are the most sought after golf tips for any golfer all round the globe. The Golf Slice is the most common problem that the amateurs face and every golfer must have faced this problem at some point of his or her golfing career. The slice in golf can be of three different types. When the ball goes straight from the tee and then starts to bend towards the right of the target it is called the straight slice. When the ball starts to move to the right of the target from the beginning and then after traveling a few yards and further bends to the right, then this slice is called the golf push slice. When the ball starts to travel to the left of the target and then moves to the right of the target, the shot is called golf pull slice. To improve the quality of your game and to get a better score you should correct your golf slice. Before we actually give you some golf slice tips let us first take a look as to, what are the reasons for golf slice, since that will help you understand about how to fix a golf slice in a better way.

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There are two most common reasons that cause the slice in golf. The first is the open face of the Golf Club head while hitting the ball at the tee. A wrong grip and wrong stance of the golfer is mainly responsible for the open face of the club. Therefore one of the most effective golf slice tips is to get a proper stance and grip to fix the golf slice. As far as the grip is concerned, there are some golfers who hold the shafts too softly or too hard. The result is a twisted club head during the impact to the ball. The ideal grip of the golfer should be neither soft nor hard but a firm grip that will absorb the massive impact of the club head hitting the ball yet keep the club steady. The stance is another most important thing for correcting golf slice. Most golfers have a tendency to stand with open chest that is they stand looking slightly to the target. But that is a wrong stance and a predominant reason for the golf slice. Ideally a golfer should stand facing the ball with two legs placed apart from each other aligned with the width of the shoulders. He should keep both the feet at the same level and only take one step ahead after taking the shot.

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The next most common reason behind the slice in golf is the downswing of the ball. Downswing in the golf occurs when the ball travels below or above the ball to target line. This is an imaginary line that can be drawn from the ball to the target. The downswing typically happens to the flaw in the swing of the golfer. To fix the golf slice you need to correct the swing by practicing and ensuring proper shoulder and arm movement, correcting your backswing and getting the basic of the swing right. These are the basic golf slice tips from Situs Slot777 that will help you cure your golf slice with practice.

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