Simple Tips for Beginning Golfers

Simple Tips for Beginning Golfers

Golf is a competitive sport and is also considered a leisure activity that’s played by people of various ages and capabilities. Golf keeps a hold of its players throughout their lifetime, unlike any other sport. Even after aging, many golfers claim to be physically and mentally fit. Golf strengthens the shoulders as well as the back, and helps to sustain spine rotation, which is essential for healthy back. There are many golf tips in which are very useful for those who need to gather more information about the sport.

Simple Golf Tips

  • It’s always better to warm up before the first tee and ensure that you don’t skip it. It can include some arm circles, squat with your club, toe touches etc.
  • Stretch as much as possible as it keeps your body loose, particularly for full back swings.
  • Ensure that your eyes are always on the ball and the target should be ideally pointed at.
  • Practice the game on a regular basis and use your imagination to make the ball go where you want it to go.
  • Be careful while choosing your golf equipment and keep your kit clean as your game could suffer if there is little dust on the club.

If you have a proper grip on the golf stick, then it lessens the propensity to slice. A proper grip means the club head remains square at impact as well as the shaft doesn’t turn in your hands. Try for a relaxed and comfortable feel. A tight grip will hinder your rhythm and release.

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For developing a simple, comfortable, and effective golf swing, remember that your grip is the foundation. Make sure that you are comfortable with your grip. It is important that you develop a neutral grip at the time of the swing. Every Garden Centre golfer has different types of swings and grips.

Golf is usually regarded as a mild aerobic activity and it does not require excellent fitness to play. You must only attain a sensible amount of fitness for reducing the risk of an injury and must have a certain level of stamina and flexibility that would enhance performance and pleasure. You can get stress on definite areas of the body, particularly the wrists, lower back, and outside of the elbow by each of the four phases of golf swing (take away or back swing, acceleration or down swing, impact and follow through).

Stretching exercises for the back, upper body, and legs improve flexibility and reduce the injuries caused by rotational stresses. Strength training and flexibility must involve both sides of the body as the golf swing tends to develop one side of the body more than the other. Normally, right handed golfers experience more injuries down the left side of the body.

Do and Don’ts

There are certain golf improvement tips which you should be aware of. These tips will certainly improve your knowledge about the game. Never grip the club too tightly. Tight grips inhibit a smooth swing and follow through. Always keep a firm grip on the club in a good condition as worn grips will force you to hold the club too tightly. When you are learning about the grip for the first time, keep a club around the house and practice gripping and re-gripping the club for a few minutes. Remember to keep the arms relaxed and the fingers secure.

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The game of golf would be much easier if you master the mechanics of your golf swing. It would not only boost your confidence, but would also give you a perfect swing. See your game improving by just following the above mentioned simple golf tips.

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