Learn All About Various Style Of Golf Putting

Learn All About Various Style Of Golf Putting

Putting is the most important part of the game. Usually about half of the golf strokes are done on the green and if you have not been able to hit the long ball, then you can make it up by “outputting” the long hitters. The best golfing style is the one which is just right for the golfer and gets him/her right in the putting cup. Putting actually does not require visual accuracy and strength. It is based on precision and consistency which is generally developed as a putting style by pros.

According to short put guru Dave Pelz, as written in Golf Magazine, there are four kinds of putting styles which are generally used. He has analyzed the putting style which is most successful in putting it right. The best method of putting right is belly putting. It is followed by cross handed putting. The third style of putting which is not as successful as the other two putting styles is: long putter and the last putting style is conventional putting. Here the author Dave Pelz tries to classify the putting style based on the length of the putter club and how one is gripping the putter.

There are several other golf experts who swear by the fact that the most successful putting style is the “swinging gate” compared to “straight back straight through”. By the term, “swinging gate” we mean that the putter head moves on a path that goes inside the path, through impact and then inside the path again. It resembles a ‘swinging gate” and hence, is called so. On the other hand, “straight back, straight through” style of putting where the putter head remains on a straight line in the back swing, trough impact and onto the follow through. Here, there is just a rocking movement of the hands from the shoulders and it minimizes unnecessary movement of the shoulders.

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Which Putting Style Is The Best?

The two putting styles that have been mentioned above are almost similar. In the “swinging gate”, the position of the body is more upright than the other style. It is often found that a small degree in variation of putting affects putting in the long putts. This is more the case in ‘swinging gate” than in “straight back through”. Thus, this style of putting is more popular in long range putts. It is also advisable to keep the swinging as simple as possible to avoid any kinds of friction.

In order to master the best style of putting, it is necessary to first learn the basics of putting well. The entire idea is to know how to read the greens well to seek the breaks and how the ball would move if hit in a particular way. Then the right putting grip is essential to understand the best method to hold the club or to have the correct “putting grip”. The thirds step is to align the target correctly. Simply aiming at the hole is not enough. One must try to putt well depending on the breaks and grains of the grass. The strength with which the ball is hit and the right putting stroke also determines how well you have putted. Then comes the perfect putting style that puts the final feather in the cap! A good golfer first tries to get the basics right and then switches to putting it correctly.

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Moreover, it is important to pick a reliable putting style and a good putter and stick to it. Putting is all about sticking to the routine or being consistent. For that one must get the best putter and continue using it. One may learn the putting styles that suit you well. Stick to that style of putting which has holed the ball with least of your efforts the maximum times.

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