A Complete Putting Set-Up Guide For Practicing Golf Putting

A Complete Putting Set-Up Guide For Practicing Golf Putting

Putting is an important part of the game because 40-50% of the scores in the game of golf are comprised of what happens in putting. The putting green is where a golfer spends half of the time while playing his game. Thus it can be the greatest equalizer. If a golfer knows how well to establish a good golf putting set-up, then it would be a great advantage. To get into the best golf putting set-up is half the battle because putting is just 20% technique of giving the right stroke. The remaining 80% is how well the golfer has established his/her putting set-up.

Putting Setup In Golf: Positioning The Ball

The entire purpose of putting is to stroke the ball with the greatest accuracy so that the distance between the putting cup and the golfer is covered. Thus, the set-up for putting begins with the ball and how well to position it while addressing. Some golfers prefer positioning the ball at the centre of their feet, while some position them at the left or the right. One must arrive at a comfortable position of the ball after practicing several strokes. While deciding the position of the ball, one must be careful that the shoulders are well aligned and parallel to the line that the ball is intended to follow.

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Putting Setup: Position of The Handle

Before addressing the ball with the putting stroke, it is necessary to practice gentle putting strokes with the putter face. One must address the ball as close as possible without actually touching it, and almost flat on the green. One should be able to see some blades of grass between the putter face and the ball. The bottom of the putter must be on the ground and the toe or heel of the putter must not be raised. The focus of attention must also be at the back of the ball. The grip of the putter must be at the centre of the ball. If it is more towards the left leg of the golfer, then the impact will not be sufficient Sam is true if the grip end of the putter is too far right, then the impact will be more and thus, the ball will move farther away.

Putting Setup: Eyes of The Golfer

The most important role while putting is the set-up of the eyes. If the eyes are properly focused and the mind has imagined a straight line between the eyes and the putting cup, then with the best stroke, the ball is sure to sink in well. So where the eyes of the golfer should be focused on? All pro golfers Sbobet Mobile swear that the eyes of a golfer must be immediately behind the ball, right focused on the grass blades behind it. Once the eyes are perfectly focused behind the ball, you must attempt to stroke the ball on an imaginary invisible line that connects the ball and the hole. Thus, the right putting set-up helps in setting the goal just right!

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Putting Setup: Body Posture

The right way of standing also has a great impact on how well a golfer putts. Once the golf ball is in its correct position, the putter is being held correctly with the finest putting grip, the eyes are focused right just behind the ball with an imaginary line connecting that point to the putting cup, the final step would be the body posture of the golfer.

The right posture is to bend from the hips so that the eyes are just behind the ball. If one is standing too tall, then the eyes would be focused on the feet instead of the ball. If one bends a great deal, then the focus of the eyes would be on the right side of the ball and definitely not on the imaginary line that connects the back of the ball and the hole.

The right putting setup is hence, the surest way to be successful in putting. The entire putting set-up may take longer initially, but with the right practice; one can establish the setup quickly and get going with some terrific putts!

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