A Brush-Up On Golf Putting Techniques

A Brush-Up On Golf Putting Techniques

Golf putting is the most important part of the game because 40-50% of the scores that a golfer makes are from putting only. Simple golf putting strategies should be known to all, so that one gets the best out of the putting from the game. Since, half of one’s game is played on the greens, putting can be a great equalizer.

Simple Golf Putting Tips

The essence of putting is that there should be maximum accuracy in the minimum distance. While this may sound easy, yet there are many who get their putts wrong! Why is that so? Putting in golf must not begin with a tensed mind at all- and that’s the first tip. It is often seen that golfers get tensed when they remember the easy putts which they missed. Thus, it is advisable to first practice on short putts so that one gains confidence in oneself. The next best thing is to practice a great deal of short putts. Try to putt the balls under 10 feet as often s possible and relish the very idea of putting well and recall it as often as possible.

Make it a habit to recall the best putt that was mad in the day before retiring to bed. This would greatly boost up the confidence. The right attitude is perhaps the most simple golf putting tip.

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How To Do Putting In Golf?

The next important step towards putting well is to relax the muscles of the hands so that one grips the putter right. Putters come with a flat side on the top of the handle so that the thumbs of the player snuggle well. You may choose to hold the putter by Reverse Overlap grip or the Cross Handed grip, but the point to remember is that the grip must not be too tight. If the grip is very tight, it would tense up your muscles, which would again prevent an easy flow of the putting stroke. The grip must be such that the wrists of the arms do not move at all. The entire motion of the putting stroke must come from the shoulders and not from the wrists at all.

After the grip, it is the putting stance that is to be focused on. Remember to focus the eyes well on the ball before demonstrating the putting stroke. One may also use putting mirrors which are now—days easily available in good sports shops. The eyes must be set on the ball, shoulders straight and evenly visible in the mirror. Now, imagine an undistorted line between the ball and the cup which the ball must take and gently sink in the hole. The weight of the body must be on the feet such that your feet are totally parallel to the ground. The feet must be placed parallel to the line which the ball hopes to travel and sink in the putting cup. The distance between the feet must not be more than a foot.

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The right putting grip, attitude and finally the stance helps in focusing the entire self on giving the prefect putting stroke.

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