How To Choose The Best Golf Tees

How To Choose The Best Golf Tees

Tee is particularly used in the game of golf. A tee is basically a stand used to support a stationary ball so that the player can strike it. On golf course, a teeing ground is referred to as a tee. Teeing the golf ball is allowed only on the first shot of a hole, called the tee shot & is illegal for any other shot.

Teeing generally gives a considerable advantage for drive shots, so it is done whenever allowed. A standard golf tee is 2.125 inches long but both shorter and longer tees are allowed in the golf. Longer golf tees allow the player to position the ball high off the golf ground and are generally used for modern woods. Shorter golf tees are more easily inserted into the ground and less broken than the long tees. Tee can be made from wood or from plastic.

Wood tees are very inexpensive and disposable too; a player may break or damage many of these during the course of round. Plastic tees are more expensive but last longer than a wooden tee. As per R&A rule book, a tee must not be longer than 101.6 mm and it must not be manufactured or designed in a way that it could indicate the line of play or influence the movement of the ball.

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How to tee up a golf ball

A player is allowed to tee up his golf ball, on the first shot of every golf hole. It’s easier to hit a ball into the air by teeing up a golf ball. Below mentioned are steps from to tee up a golf ball.

  • Put the tee between your two fingers.
  • Then place the golf ball on top of the tee.
  • After doing that push the golf tee into the ground.
  • Adjust the golf tee so that, when the golf ball is on the tee, half of the ball is above the club while the club is behind the ball.
  • Hit the ball and pick up the tee to use on the next hole.

How to choose the best golf tees

Right tees help in ensuring the best chance for a successful shot. The best tees are not easy to find. There are some misconceptions about golf tees, like tee creates drag on the swing.

The plastic golf tees are hard to drive into hard soil and the top of plastic tees are very light which do not balance the ball on the top as the ball must be precisely vertical. Wooden tees leave ugly paint marks on the bottom of driver. A good golf tee should be useful for repairing ball marks on the ground and for cleaning out the grooves from long irons. If wooden tee breaks then there may be a chance of injury. This can be harmful for player. Everyone is hawking the feature of their golf tees, and it’s hard to separate the hype from the reality.

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Above mentioned are the description of how to tee up a golf ball and also how to choose the best golf tees. Right tees help in ensuring the best chance for a successful shot.

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