Junior Golf Instructions – Tips To Help Junior Golfers

Junior Golf Instructions - Tips To Help Junior Golfers

Tiger woods have inspired this whole new generation to become golfers. Golf is becoming increasingly popular sport and you may want your junior to be a golfer. You may often wonder when to start for junior golf, should I buy junior golf clubs, if so from where, etc.

Tiger woods started when he was 18 months old and could barely lift the club. As his father knew the system of golf, he generously guided Tiger to a good game of golf. You may search some golf programmes in your area or find some golf clinics. You may take help from the National minority junior golf foundation, the United States golf association, ladies professional golf association or professional golf association. Some of these are involved into programmes to introduce kids to golf.

First of all, it would not be wise to force your junior into golf. It will help to check what your junior really feels about golf. When you confirm that your child has an inclination to play the game, you may go a step further. You may go in for a junior golf clinic as it is normally free to join. They are designed in a manner to introduce a kid to golf. They usually start from how to grip a club, how to drive, chipping and putting. More stress is laid on the golf etiquettes and rules of the game.

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See your child has a junior golf instructor. It is a bit difficult to teach youngsters to play golf. The instructor should be renowned and should understand the nuances of teaching golf to kids. It is a good idea to watch a potential instructor with his other students before you sign up your kid.

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Junior Golf Clubs

There are many manufacturers that make golf clubs for juniors. It is best to start with proper set of junior golf clubs. This will help your child to have a proper swing and a good stance. Since, the junior golf clubs are tailor made for children; it is easy to use and helps getting a good posture. Length clubs are recommended for junior golfers. These can be made to grow with the child and can be expanded as per the requirement. These are expandable clubs and can be lengthened by using spacers.

Junior Golf Drills

It is important to note that the game should be fun for your junior. Children will make a natural golf swing if they are allowed one. They play not thinking about golf instructions and golf mechanics.

Junior Golf Grip

Let your junior swing as they want. Make sure the golf grip is proper. Right hand should be lower than left for a right handed golfer.

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Junior golf instruction should concentrate mainly on the short game, practicing putting and chipping, etc. The golf instructor should show many games making the entire learning process a fun thing to do. These games will also instill solid fundamentals which will definitely help your junior to improve.

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