Golf Lessons Tips – So You Want To Play Golf

Golf Lessons Tips - So You Want To Play Golf

If you are new to the game of golf and learning the basics of the game, it is important that you get the basic golf tips right and practice them to improve your game significantly. Therefore, here we are presenting some practical golf lessons tips here to help you learn the game from scratch.

The one of the important golf lessons tips that we would like to share with you is about your golf grip. Most of the newbie golfers do not pay much attention to the gripping of the golf clubs but it is one of the most important aspects of playing a good shot. Most of the golfers have the tendency of gripping golf club either too hard or too soft. In both the cases the Golf Club will most likely get twisted when the golf club head hits the ball and the result will be a miss hit or a golf slice. To get the right grip you have to hold the club with a balanced and moderate grip. Do not hold the club softly and not even too hard. Rather hold it with a firm and steady grip. Put most of the pressure to the golf club through the first two fingers and palms of both the hands. Remember your grip is the only place through which you have contact with the club. It is your grip that will control the movement of the club, transfer the power from your hands to the ball as well as absorb the vibrations caused by the shot.

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The next important thing that you need to get correct is the stance. You should have a perfect stance to get your swing right. A flawless stance is necessary for getting a perfect shot. With a wrong stance you will most likely get a golf slice or hit the ball at the wrong direction and you will not get optimum power with the wrong stance. The ideal way to stand before taking the shot is to put the feet about shoulder width apart. Stand in way that the ball is placed right between the feet. The ball should lie at least 3” ahead of the parallel line of your feet. You should look at the ball and not the target. This is one mistake that most of the new golfers HK Totobet make. Now slightly bend your knees forward and you are ready to take the shot.

The last but the most important of the golf lessons tips that you should know is about your golf club swing. Your swing is the key to a good shot. Whether you are taking a drive or a fairway or a golf iron shot your swing will determine the carry as well as the precision of the shot. The key for a good swing is to move the hand, shoulder and back like one unit when you are taking your back swing and the downswing. If you move your wrist and do not bend the shoulder, you won’t be able to transfer optimum power to the shot. The next thing that you should get correct is that you should complete your swing after you have hit the ball.

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