Golf Chipping Practice – Chipping Drills Guaranteed To Lower Your Scores

Golf Chipping Practice - Chipping Drills Guaranteed To Lower Your Scores

Golf chipping is the most difficult part in learning the golf game. Frankly speaking, if you get expertise in this area of the game you have won almost half the battle. Because this is the only stroke if perfectly hit, can surely shave off few strokes and lower your score. For this, you have to take golf chipping practice seriously. Chipping game is all about consistency and distance control.

How to Practice Chipping?

The sole aim of the chip shot is to give minimum loft and maximum rolling because with more rolling you will be having better control of your shot. One of the questions which many amateur golfers often ask is how to practice the short game or golf chipping game. To know the correct way, practicing the right technique is also important. So, we are providing the step by step instructions to practice golf chipping. The steps are as follows:

  • Pick the club or iron which you are comfortable with.
  • First you have to look for a perfect chipping spot and then start by working a few feet off the green.
  • Practice with 5 to 10 balls at a time. Aim for a target or a flag that is at least 6 feet from the edge of the green.
  • Try hitting one ball to get a few feet onto the green. Your swing should be equal to your backswing.
  • Gradually start adding some length to your chip shot by swinging the club little further back.
  • Continuing adding to your swing until you land the ball just near or luckily in the hole.
  • Practice with this strategy with the different lengths of the backswing.
  • Once you have some expertise on this then you can also try practicing on the uphill, side hill and down hill lies.
  • Always practice in intervals, 10-20 minutes generally and see where you are lacking, try to work on that part also.
  • Now try to practice with different clubs or irons from different lies. So that you will feel confident when you will face same sort of lie in the game.
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For golfers ID88 Slot the practice area is also available in the form of golf driving or practice range. You can even think of a better place for practice than a driving range because you can find all the facilities there for practicing the game. Some driving ranges are also open in the night time so you can do some practice when you are free from your work.

The chipping game requires a lot of finesse which you can only get by taking enough time to the golf chipping practice. The more is better is always not true. The correct way of doing practice is also important. So, always try to practice in a result oriented manner.

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