How To Maximize Your Chipping Skills

How To Maximize Your Chipping Skills

Chipping in golf refers to a low running shot played from around the green to the putting surface. It is one of the simplest shots in the game of golf. Here the swing is short, back and through and it is played from around the edge of the green and is intended to put the ball across the grass onto the putting surface. The ball rolls on the putting green after having lofted up in the air. Many golfers aim to put the ball as close as possible to the hole so that there is only a short putt required. In fact, there are several professional golfers who carry out golf chipping with the intention to sink in the ball.

Golf chipping style

Many top pros are very confident about chipping in golf, such that they treat the chip shot as an extension of their putting stroke. Many golfers therefore, hold their clubs with the fine putting grip. They give the right chipping stroke with the idea of letting the ball run as soon as possible. They avoid lofting the ball high up in the air from the ground near the green. The intention is to let the ball roll three-quarters of time on the ground and then it is easier to judge how it moves. Most of the players have their favorite club that they use to play which can range from a –iron to a sand wedge.

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Golf Chipping Technique

Chipping in golf is a relatively simple. The right technique of chipping is not as complex as full swing, after all the distance is not that large and then the ball is under more control rolling on the ground. A good example of perfecting the chipping technique is to practice the ball lobbing on the green. Just watch the ball roll on the putting green and keep a mental aim that all the chipping shots should have the ball holed in! This would greatly work by practice focusing well. One of the greatest chipper in the world is Steve Ballesteros W88ID. He has an amazing ability to imagine the ball being perfectly chipped in and also sinking the putting cup. This is the power of imagination and that skill can be developed through practice and experience.

Chipping Skills in Golf

The basic chipping principles involved in chipping procedure are that the feet must be brought fairly close together and keep the ball just behind the centre in a slightly open stance. Put your weight on the front foot so that your body is leaning towards your target. Now, your hands and are ahead the clubface and the ball. Slowly shift your weight on the left side and swing the club away from your arms and shoulders. This movement can “naturally break” the wrists but doing it intentionally. Try to lead the clubface with the hand as this ensures a crisp strike and the ball also stays low on the ground. One should avoid loss of speed as this leads to loss of control in chipping in golf.

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Golf chipping is a very interesting short game and one can experiment with all the different clubs in the bag. And then after trying out all the options, you can choose the best fitted club for your chipping shots. This thus, ensures smooth chipping and also sinking in the ball.

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