Solutions Executive Golf Chipping Game

Solutions Executive Golf Chipping Game

Golf is gaining popularity day by day. This can be seen by the fact that more and more people are becoming the followers of the game. With the increased popularity, the competitiveness in the game is also increasing. The main aspect of the game which creates the difference between an amateur and a professional golfer is his/her golf chipping game. Because chipping can easily shave off your few strokes to keep your score under par. If your golf chipping game is good then you will see the difference straight away.

Golf chipping is an extremely important part of the game yet it is not practiced regularly and that often as much is required to become a pro. Golfers spend their most of the time in improving their driving skills in the driving range and contribute very less time on the chipping game. This is the reason that the most golfers struggle in this aspect of the game and often comes up with the poor results.

Generally, two types of shots are achieved with the golf chipping game which are as follows:

  • Bump and Run Shot – This shot is having relatively low trajectory, the ball will bump on the green and roll over the green and may reach up to the hole. This shot is achieved with a lower loft club like 6-, 7- and 8-irons.
  • Flop Shot – The flop shot is used when you require the ball to have a very high trajectory (e.g. if you have some thing is in your way like sand and water hazards). In this shot the main focus remains on crossing the hazards easily.
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Even though the golf chipping game is the toughest but chipping around the green from a side hill lie is a totally different ball game. For this problem, the perfect tip is to first practice enough until you have a sound chipping skill. And thereafter when you have become an expert in that then you should start practicing in the conditions which you will face in the golf course, that is golf chipping from the lies with the ball above and below your feet. On the side hill lie the ball follow the direction of the slope and you have to adjust your golf swing accordingly.

The biggest problem that remains in the uphill or the downhill lies is to maintain the balance of your body weight during the swing. Some other tips for improving golf chipping game in the uphill and the downhill lies are as follows:

  • Keep your shoulders level with the hill
  • Choke up a little on the club when the ball is below your feet.
  • Always keep your back and shoulders at the normal address angle.
  • Always remember that the downhill lies reduce the loft(ball will go longer and a bit further) to the club and uphill lies add the loft to the club
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Having the art to learn your strength and weakness with the irons and wedges is the best way you can improve your golf chipping game. Finally it all depends on you how much you take these tips seriously and gain the benefits of these tips.

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